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In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy our effort to help those in need reached audiences worldwide when musicians from all over the world spoke out in support of our cause. From household names like Michael Stipe (REM), Fleetwood Mac, and the Wallflowers to local artists Nicole Atkins, The Parlor Mob, and Jillian Taylor the response was overwhelming. Our producing partner Joe Minnella started documenting the relief and recovery effort from day one and covered the story for two years. Our film "After Sandy" screened at the Indie Street Film Festival in Red Bank and we were awarded the audience award for NJ Filmakers in 2016. The film would go on to win several other awards worldwide. Watch the full film below

After Sandy Feature Film

After Sandy Feature Film

After viewing, please leave your feedback on our Rotten Tomatoes page by visiting: As of 12:00AM EST on October 31, 2015, our presentation of After Sandy will come to a temporary close. Please follow "After Sandy" on Facebook to receive news about future screenings and an official release date. Simply follow this link and click "like": We can't thank you enough for watching! After Sandy is a film of nearly three years in the making. And it only exists because of the amazing people I encountered during that time. We hope that you'll not only enjoy this film, but that it will be a source of comfort and inspiration, applicable to the various hardships that each of us and our neighbors will face at one time or another. **Quick credit correction** It could take months for me to have every single name that should be thanked for the production of this film. And even then I'm sure I'll miss somebody. But for now I noticed a couple names in reviewing the film that I temporarily overlooked: Mark Wierbicki, The Larnaitis Family, Tom Farinaro, and Gina Leigh If we missed you, please don't take offense and feel free to reach out. In organizing this volume of people, a few are bound to fly under the radar. "After Sandy" Written, Directed and Narrated By Joe Minnella Produced by Joe Minnella, Anthony Setaro, Melissa Minnella, Linda Minnella, Dennis B Pornel and Richard Burrier Cinematography and Editing By Joe Minnella Additional Cinematography By Dennis B Pornel, Chris Spiegel (, Aaron Santoro, John Sochacki, Bob Alberding (, Jonathon Giacchi Music: "Amen" By The Tudor Consort ( and "A Dream I Didn't Have" By Father Sleep ( "Distances" By Ariel Blumenthal (In The Hat Publishing, "Forever" By Ariel Blumenthal (In The Hat Publishing, "Perfect Will Come" By Ariel Blumenthal (In The Hat Publishing, "Peaceful Movement" By Ben Kass (In The Hat Publishing, "Little Swan's Dance" Composed By Tchaikovsky, Arranged By Harry Standing (Perfect Solution Music, "Forbidden Romance" By Craig Riley (S.I. Publishing, "Nocturnes" Composed By Mozart, Performed By Les Petits Chanteurs de Montigny ( "Shine" By Shine (, "Etude in A-Flat, Op.25, No.1" By Michal Hambourg, Composed By Chopin (Arbiter Records,, "Symphony No. 1, Menuetto" By Bruno Walter, Composed By Beethoven (Arbiter Records, "Sonata No. 6 in F Major, Op.10 No 2- I Allegro" By Daniel Veesey, Composed By Beethoven (MusOpen,, "Sonata No. 6 in F Major, Op.10 No 2- III Presto" By Daniel Veesey, Composed By Beethoven (MusOpen,, "Part I" By Jahzzar (, "Type Your Name Here" By Jahzzar (, "Out Of The East" By Joe Rosey, From Vector Novelty Orchestra (1918) (Kazoomzoom, "Deep Blue Sky" By Graphiqs Groove (, "Window # 3" By Two Bicycles (Crash Symbols, "Run Amok" By Kevin Macleod ( "Summer Mvt. 3 Presto" By John Harrison w/ The Wichita State University Chamber, Composed By Vivaldi (Oddio Overplay, "Sleepin" By Jahzzar (, "Candlelight" By Jahzzar (, "Mlle. Modiste (Mademoiselle Modesty)" By Victor Herbert Orchestra (1909) ( Oddio Overplay, "Amazing Grace 2011" By Kevin Macleod ( "No More Solos" By Kelly Latimore (Ziklibrenbib,, "Armitage" By Kelly Latimore (Ziklibrenbib,, "I Am A Man Who Will Fight For Your Honor" By Chris Zabriskie (, "Sonata No. 1 in F Minor, Op. 2 No 1 Adagio" By Daniel Veesey, Composed By Beethoven (MusOpen,, ***This film is the property of Joe Minnella and Joe Minnella Studios, and is protected under United States Copyright law. Downloading and any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.*** For more information on this film please contact Joe Minnella directly by emailing or or by visiting After Sandy Copyright 2015