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Historical Re-Creations

A cornerstone of our business is built on history, so it's no surprise we have a passion for recreating historical locations and events. 

Education: What if you could recreate a battle from the Revolutionary War and stand in the middle of the fray to show George Washington riding by on his horse giving strategic commands which led to the war being won? Well good news, you can. 

Museums: Work with us to build an exhibition of digital fly-throughs or walkthroughs to display in video format or virtual reality to let your visitors truly be transported back in time. 

Historical Societies: Content for your website, to show in a presentation, to assist in your research.

Genealogy: Show land your family owned and how they moved around.

Gaming: Historically Accurate Gaming maps 

For Fun: Have a side project you need help building? We got you. 

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V  The Digital History Project 


The Virtually Vibrant Vintage digital project collects historical media from the Monmouth County community to create a consolidated archive aimed to preserve, enhance, and share with everyone. 


Submitted images and videos to the archive will go towards building a historical interactive map, a virtual recreation of the world as it was in the past, and for context in upcoming film productions to ensure historical accuracy.

Anyone will be able to browse the archive at no cost to them. Have an old black-and-white photo you think would look good if it had some color? Well, good news you can request to have it colorized by our team for free to give it new life! If you would like an entire collection colorized please contact us for pricing. and we'd be happy to help.

Our main goal is to showcase all of the rich history that took place here and tell its stories in a new format using cutting-edge technology, in a way people of all ages and backgrounds can appreciate. This area is our home and we love it, help us preserve its legacy.

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