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We offer unique Education services, which bridge the technological gap between old world and new. Our presentations focus on engaging children in local history by using bleeding edge 3D technology.


We provide a fun and educational experience for all, teaching children about 3D software including Unreal Engine, and how we use it to bring history to life.

Advanced learning programs that for kids of all ages. 

Trusted By

Monmouth University

We were asked to participate in the ArtNOW program where we gave a presentation about our use of technology to tell stories in the modern age and showed multiple examples of how we are achieving this. The following day we did a hands-on workshop with students where they played an early prototype version of our game. 

Flyover of the main parts of Monmouth University campus with all structures geo-located using maps from USGS.

Red Bank Middle School

Had a blast encouraging members of the 5th grade robotics club to talk to our purpose-made AI characters modeled after various famous individuals. They tried their best to stump them and hilarity ensued, but it proved a valuable field test.

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