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Music Videos

Using our decades of experience in the music industry as artists and producers, we are transforming musical narratives into captivating visual experiences. Our team of skilled artists and animators collaborate seamlessly with musicians and directors to bring concepts to life, leveraging state-of-the-art technology to produce high-quality 3D animations, visual effects, and virtual environments. From dynamic CGI landscapes to mesmerizing character animations, we elevate your videos to new heights, captivating audiences and enhancing the artistic expression of musicians across genres. With a commitment to excellence and a flair for the extraordinary, we sit at the forefront of the digital revolution in the music industry, delivering unparalleled visual storytelling that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Affordable Quality

Starting at $495

Create a digital version of you

Craft a stunning digital persona, translating your essence into a visually captivating, lifelike avatar for immersive performances and storytelling.

Digital Locations


Designing immersive digital landscapes, transporting audiences to fantastical realms that amplify the narrative essence of your music.

Abstract Concepts

Transforming thoughts into visual poetry, transcending the ordinary with surreal, thought-provoking visuals that echo the depth of your music's emotion and meaning.

"Avengers Office Building"


Breathing movement and emotion into your music, translating rhythm and melody into mesmerizing visual storytelling through expertly crafted animations.

Music Production Services

We can produce your entire project from start to finish as well as get you distributed across major online platforms.

When you work with us your content will also get pushed through all of our social channels increasing user engagement.

Our Work

Cover of Talking Heads "This Must Be The Place"

Anthony Jude Setaro & Victoria Taylor feat. Kyle Ward and produced by Douglas Booton & Erica Kim. Audio distributed on all major streaming platforms and video produced completely in-house.

Ivy Hill Farmhouse

Live and streaming event we produced end to end featuring Anthony Setaro, Victoria Taylor, with Jake Tavill & Indigo Soul.

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