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We specialize in movie set production services, utilizing the latest digital sets, animation, LED wall, and live green screening technology. Our virtual production capabilities make it easy to create realistic and immersive sets that will bring your projects to life. Whether you're planning a Hollywood blockbuster or a small indie film, let us help you create the perfect movie set.

Digital Sets


LED Wall

Live Green Screening

Virtual Production


We offer unparalleled VR experiences, as well as stage plays with stunning digital backdrops. These immersive digital experiences are perfect for any theater aficionado looking to take their theatrical experience to the next level.

VR Experiences

Stage Plays

Digital Backdrops


With more than 25 years experience in various forms of live entertainment and events, Anthony has successfully performed, hosted, and produced thousands of live events throughout the tri-state area. Anthony has played the role of town emcee for Red Bank Wedding Walk and Red Bank Classic for many years, and has previously served as interpreter and co-producer of the opening of the Basie Awards with Yvonne Scudiery. 

Live @ Ivy Hill Farmhouse
Anthony on TLC's Four Weddings
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